Coming to Grips With the "Lyme Dome"

This is the South Western edge of the "Lyme Dome," in Old Lyme, Connecticut. If you want to find the rest of this rock, you'll have to go to Africa.
It all started a few hundred million years ago when six continents crammed together to form Connecticut. With "Game Of Thrones" names like Avalonia, Gander and the enormous supercontinent, Pangea, these land masses eventually broke apart and moved away from each other. But, like that shirt you left in your ex's closet and the framed photo of the two of you in Fiji that's buried at the bottom of a box in your basement, each left something behind with the other.
The "Lyme Dome" was formed when Gander collided with Avalonia. Gander, through no fault of its own, was pushed beneath Avalonia. (I want to be clear on this. It had nothing to do with being weak. Maybe Gander was trying to allow Avalonia to discover itself and flourish.) This vertical piling of rock created the "Dome," whose core is now located in the village of Old Lyme.
When the continents began drifting apart (which can happen even after you spend two months of your salary in Fiji) Avalonia and Gander were both severed, with parts of each shifting east to form the European and African continents . . . while the rest of us got left behind (but not abandoned, according to my therapist) in North America.
Today, the majority of the Gander rocks that form the "Lyme Dome" in southeastern Connecticut, like the one pictured here, are found in Morocco and other parts of Africa.

After 400 million years, I guess I should let it go.

After Charleston: What White Churches and Pastors Should Do, But Won't

The killing of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina is just the latest in a long list of attacks targeting Black Churches in the United States.

After the American Civil War, African-Americans, mostly former slaves, abandoned the White controlled churches in which they had been forced to worship. They began to pray, sing, and - for the first time - legally learn to read the Bible, gathering in any makeshift structure they could find. These post Emancipation churches became the first social institutions in America completely controlled by African Americans.

And Whites, also identifying themselves as "Christians," were not happy. Their attacks on Black churches killed hundreds of people and burned small churches throughout the South. In 1870, nearly every Black church in Tuskegee, Alabama was burned to the ground by Whites attempting to subjugate the newly freed Black population.

93 years later the bombs continued to explode at a well known Black church in Birmingham, Alabama which had become an established meeting place for the Civil Rights movement. Four young Black girls were killed.

Heidi Beirich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, explains the significance of continued violence against Black churches in many American communities. "If you want to harm Black folks, it's an obvious easy target," she said.

The evidence is clear. Throughout the 1960's, over 300 bombings occurred at Black churches, according to a 1999 study in The Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies. The study also uncovered 200 similar church bombings between 1989 - 1996. Deval Patrick, who was an Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice in 1997, stated, "We are facing an epidemic of terror."

The nine murders in Charleston are the latest symptom in this epidemic. "This is an example of how terrorism works," said Barbara D. Savage, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of "Your Spirits Walk Beside Us: The Politics of Black Religion." She went on to explain how this week's attack has spread justifiable fear in the Black Christian community, "In churches all over the country people are asking, 'Do we need someone at the door, someone who is a little bit more questioning?' "

This is where White pastors and churches could truly help, but from a look at their history, they won't.

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, June 21, 2015, African Americans will gather in churches all over the United States - and they will gather in fear. While this should be the safest and most sacred moment of their week, it has become another reminder that they are set apart as targets.

And the response of White pastors and churches? Mostly postings on social media pertaining to how liberals will use this incident for gun control legislation. "Gun control advocates never give their true position - the elimination of all private gun ownership - their arguments never make common sense," was the Facebook and Twitter response from Pastor Will Marotti, of New Life Church in Wallingford, Connecticut. His comments came 24 hours after Dylann Roof killed nine people in Charleston, reloading his gun five times.

That anyone - let alone a White Christian Pastor - would be worried about protecting his guns just one day after nine people were murdered in a Black church is deplorable.

What should White churches and pastors be worried about as Sunday approaches? The answer is simple: Black churches.

Right now, Black congregations are scared of going to church tomorrow morning. Yet, are any White pastors or church leaders reaching out to them in any way? Are they offering help? Are they asking what they can do to stand by their Christian brothers and sisters - often at a church just across the street - to help alleviate their fears? Are they just picking up the phone and checking in to discover if there is anything at all they can do after this terrible week?

No. No they are not.

Making that one, powerful phone call would take a special kind of faith and courage from White pastors and churches. As we have witnessed in the past few days, active faith and courage are not characteristics they often demonstrate. Instead, they have chosen to simply ignore the ongoing history of violence against the Black members of their fellowship.

So tomorrow, White pastors and church members will casually walk into weekly worship services, concerned only with their rights as gun owners.

While a short distance away, African Americans will go to church wondering if they will come out alive.

Ten Pornographic Pages Facebook Refuses To Remove

NOTE: After this article was originally published on, I received the following email: "Dear Mr. Bechard, Thank you for your participation as an Examiner on  We regret to inform you that we are terminating your status as an Examiner, effective immediately.  Your account has been deactivated." 

This has been the consistent corporate response to our fight against abuse on Facebook for the past five years. This is why I am publishing the article here...

There are thousands of Pornographic pages on Facebook. (See the Video Proof.)
A website called has over 1.5 million members calling on Facebook to patrol their Social Network more effectively and work with law enforcement when child abuse is evident.

However, each time reports pages like the ten listed below, Facebook provides the same answer: "Thanks for letting us know about the Page you reported for displaying nudity. As of now, it hasn't been removed because we found that it doesn't go against the Facebook Community Standards. If you think this Page should be removed for a different reason, please report it again, choosing the most relevant option after you select I think it shouldn't be on Facebook. Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you—we want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone."

On February 27, 2015, I began Purchasing Advertising on Facebook to get the pages removed. Facebook approved the ads, but never removed the pages. Yes, you read that correctly. Facebook approved ads protesting Facebook.

The links below are to live Facebook Pages. They are Not Safe For Work or a Family Computer. If you can, please report each page to Facebook and then join the members of

The Human Cost of Nice Nails

If you read this article, it's going to ruin your next visit to the Nail Salon. I've tried to tell people about this for many years. When will the human cost of having nice nails become to high to overlook?

What Happens When These Young Boys Are Told To Slap A Girl Is Incredible.

“Slap her" children's reactions

What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.Sharing Is Appreciated

Posted by Kaspars Daleckis Photography on Monday, January 5, 2015

YouNow is The Worst Place You Don't Know Your Teenager is Going

YouNow is an enormously popular website meeting a huge and creepy demand. As an adult it's hard to watch. But as a parent, it might just be the most terrifying thing your child is doing while you're not looking, and everyone else is.

Screen Capture from YouNow's #girls section

A cross between YouTube and live-stream apps like Meerkat and Periscope, YouNow has 100 million live streaming videos per month. The difference is that YouNow encourages young teenagers to broadcast long-form streaming, for hours at a time, even while the teen is asleep . . . and doing almost any other activity that viewers request.

The #truthordare section is dedicated to teens who will play the game with strangers on the web. There's even a way for viewers to pay the teens for what they do on camera. You can only imagine the dangers awaiting them.